Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Hi there!

I'm Amanda- the founder of Craving Wellness. I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you! 

I was raised in a very average home. Like most of you, I grew up eating Fruit Roll Ups, using Aveeno lotion and washing my face with whatever Nivea product caught my eye at Shoppers Drug Mart. For years, I didn't know anything different and quite honestly, I was simply using what I was exposed to at home.

In 2019, I started diving into what's in everyday products. I learned how to read labels properly. I started paying close attention to how I was feeling after consuming/ using a product. I researched marketing tactics. I went back to school, where I became certified as a Holistic Wellness Coach, Gut Specialist and Mindset Coach.

I have spent numerous years unlearning the unwritten rules that we, as a society, simply accept and don't question. The more I question and unlearn, the more I realize that the alarming increase in disease  and illness we continue to see is directly linked to: stress, lifestyle and what we consume/ use on a daily basis.

That's why I launched Craving Wellness. To create a one stop shop for you to purchase brands that are made using low toxic ingredients that don't negatively impact your: gut health, fertility, respiratory health, hormone levels, etc. The standards of this business are high are will remain high as we continue to grow. Unlike numerous businesses, Craving Wellness will not sacrifice quality at any point, regardless of how much money it can generate. 

This is your safe space to shop. Anything you find on this website has passed Amanda's requirements, which close family and friends would say that the bar is set extremely high! :)

Thank you for supporting a small business and thank you for believing in me and what I stand for!


Your body will thank you,



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